Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Message from Lim Guan Eng

Sdr Dr Chen Man Hin is considered the grand old man of DAP. As one of its founder members he is also the political trailblazer in that he won a legislative seat for the party even before the party was registered on March 18, 1966.

His historic victory in Rahang on December 9 1965 was a political watershed in marking the introduction of DAP as a political force for justice, democracy, freedom, equality and peace.

For 40 years through all the trials and tribulation, DAP has stayed true to its ideals because of leaders like Dr Chen. He is not only our political advisor but also in a spiritual sense, a custodian of what is moral and ethical in the religious context but also of our political conscience.

A mild-mannered and affable gentleman is Dr Chen. But behind that Jesuit mien lies a man of steel, suffused with ideals, who would brave fire and brimstone to uphold DAP's principles. More importantly Dr Chen lived up to the same exacting standards he set for others that DAP leaders affectionately called him the Pope.

His religious upbringing, conscience, brilliance, compassion and thirst for knowledge are qualities we are feel honoured to share. Most unusual of all is that at the ripe old age of 80, we still find him thirsting for knowledge and new technology.

Unlike other senior citizens enjoying their sunset years, Dr Chen is focusing his energies towards building a better Malaysia. Extremely fit and healthy, he is as alert and sharp as ever. His blog is a celebration of his mellow years and a testimony of the adage of how wine grows ever finer with age.

Happy blogging, Pope!



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